Summer 1981 Timetable Supplement

After the 1981 Public Timetable went to press, but before the commencement of the timetable on 1 June 1981, a supplement was issued which contained some important changes.  These changes have been taken into account in the game.

The major changes are as follows:

1V37, 1931 FO York - Penzance terminates at Birmingham New St Arr 22:22.  Reporting Number 1M37.

1O17, 0945 SO Crewe - Weymouth starts from Birmingham New St 11:05.

1M31, 1222 SO Par - Birmingham NS is discontinued

1N51, 2315 SX Norwich - Liverpool St is discontinued

1G00, 0125 SO Holyhead - Birmingham New St starts from Crewe 03:50

1D32, 1029 SO Birmingham New St - Holyhead is discontinued

1A21, 1502 SUN Newcastle - Kings Cross Additional Service

1Z09, 1032 SO Poole - Sheffield Additional Service (this was an unadvertised relief which ran 18 July - 29 August 1981).

2D95, 0826 Cleethorpes - Doncaster is extended to Sheffield SO arr 1048.

0333 Victoria - Eastbourne (Dly) Now runs from London Bridge - timings are unaltered.

Honeybourne Station, between Moreton-in-Marsh and Evesham has been reopened.

NB: A major revision of services to and from SKEGNESS was advised in the supplement, resulting in the re-issue of tables 19 and 27 in the Public Timetable. Refer to game timetable for full details.